Bottleneck Treasures ® , Methuen, MA 01844
Made In The United States Of America
 Folk Art In Bottles by Greg Alvey
A website devoted to the art and craft of
building and collecting ships, folk art,
and whimsy, whimsy art in bottles, flasks,
light bulbs and other glass containers.
Content updated March 14, 2019
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 As a young shipwright
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Proudly made in the USA
Sword Fishing boat Andrea Gail

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​Bottleneck Treasures
The Majestic Clipper Ship Thermopylae

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting Bottleneck Treasures and for following this unique art. I am always pushing the envelope building tiny ships the size of a grain of rice or smaller and illuminating ships in bottles using various lighting media. All my work is for sale, many pieces are commissioned. If you need a unique gift or seek  a lifetime treasure please contact me via the yellow button in the left- hand pane.
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Replicating the sinking of Titanic  April 15, 1912