About Bottleneck Treasures
​My love for sailing ships began at the the age of 16 after spending a glorious week aboard the " Roseway " a 137 ft Maine Windjammer. She was built on November 24, 1925 as a Grand Banks Fishing Schooner. Today she is only one of six original Grand Banks Schooners, is a registered U.S. National Historic Landmark and is operated by The World Ocean School providing challenging educational programs.

I draw inspiration from maritime history by building replica's and designing my own sailing vessels. I specialize in building miniatures inside old fashioned timepieces and other small glass media. Completely self - taught.

Each ship is completely scratch built from one of the following woods: Basswood, Pine, Cedar or Mahogany. Attention to detail is paramount. 

I define myself as having the lilliputian effect, because with every ship I build I imagine myself on the deck of that vessel. If you ever look through the bottleneck of a ship in bottle you'll know exactly what I mean.

I welcome you to Bottleneck Treasures, enjoy the site and I hope sometime soon I am building a ship for you and generations to come.

Thank you for visiting.

                                            David Lavoie
                           Designer and Builder of Unique Ships In Bottles

I pride myself on the quality and detail I put into every piece of my art. As an experienced shipwright I'm very proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all my work.

Each piece is painstakenly created by hand, built from scratch. These are all
unique, one of a kind nautical items, no two are alike.

If commissioned, all clients receive periodic updates via e-mail along with
photos of the progress thus far. In that way you the client get to see how your
special piece is created instead of just seeing the final product.