In The Ship Yard
Note: All the artisan crafted ships I build are individually handcrafted with attention to detail.  All the ships fittings, anchors, blocks, cannons, deckhouses, davits to name a few are all painstakenly made by hand. I do not use any pre-manufactured molded parts, all are genuine wood

Pirate Ship In A Bottle
The Nantucket Whaler.......Essex
Inspiring the great novel Moby - Dick by author Herman Melville 
the New England whaling ship " Essex " was sunk by a giant whale
in 1820. Only 88 ft long and 239 tons she was small for a whale ship.

Introducing Thermopylae a replica of the extreme clipper ship built in 1868 by Walter Hood & Co. of Aberdeen to the design of Bernard Weymouth of London for the White Star Line. 
Thermopylae measured 212 ft x 36ft x 20.9ft. She was designed for the China tea trade and set speed records on her maiden voyage to Melbourne- 63 days, still the fastest trip under sail.
In 1872 she raced the clipper Cutty Sark from Shanghai back to London and won by seven days after Cutty Sark lost her rudder. Thermopylae was acknowledged to be the fastest ship afloat.
In 1895 she was sold to Portugal and used as a naval training ship. The Portuguese Navy torpedoed hear at sea in 1906.
Her memory lives on in the hearts and minds of only an informed few.
Her hull is hand carved and is copper sheathed with over 300 copper plates. Her deck fittings, railings, anchors, deck houses and life boats all hand carved from basswood and mahogany. It is authentically rigged with appropriate split - topsail yards.
From stern to tip of bowsprit she measures just over 9 inches in length. Her sails are white sail cloth linen.
HMS Shannon
Follow the build of the HMS Shannon the Leda Class Frigate depicted on the Canadian Two Dollar Coin. The War of 1812 was a fundamental turning point in Canadian history. In the weeks to come watch as this historic vessel takes shape and is captured " under glass."
The War of  La guerre de 1812
Boxwood deadeyes for HMS Shannon